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Reduce Your Back Pain At Home

Stuck At Home With Back Pain Whether it’s winter weather, an illness, or simply a lack of transportation, being stuck at home can be worrisome for those who struggle with back pain. Pain, whether in the neck/shoulder region, down the center of your spine, or in your lower back, can be caused for a number […]

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Power Walking To Better Health

If you parked your car in a garage for years and suddenly decided to turn the key, chances are it would have a hard time firing up. The human body should be thought of like a machine; the longer it sits around inactive, the more issues you’re going to have getting it to where you […]

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Avoiding Those Winter Slips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are all too common during the winter months in Western New York. It’s important to use caution in the icier months–back and spinal injuries are the most common type of fall-related injury. With a little preparation and caution, some injuries can be prevented. Avoid Winter Slips and Falls Slow It Down […]

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Muscle Stiffness and Cold Weather

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful Winter is here and the cold weather will stick around for awhile. For many, this means hot cocoa, sledding, sleigh rides, and shoveling. However, for those who struggle with back pain, the cold weather can bring with it aches, pains, and discomfort. So why does the cold weather seem […]

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Reduce Back Pain: Decorating Dos and Don’ts

The holidays can be stressful. Making lists, checking them twice, cooking, cleaning, putting up decorations, shopping, fighting through crowds, etc. It seems like there’s never enough time and everyone is rushing. The added stress this time of year can take its toll physically, especially on your back. It’s important to take care of yourself this […]

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Spine Health Awareness Month

October Is A Special Month And not just because it’s every child’s favorite haunted holiday. It’s Rocktober to musicians. Pinktober to breast cancer survivors. Inktober to artists. Catober to animal enthusiasts. And for those who suffer from chronic pain, Backtober. October is Spine Health Awareness Month, with World Spine Day on October 16th. It serves […]

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Let’s Get Physical

When we say “let’s get physical” we aren’t referencing Olivia Newton-John’s 1981 hit. We’re referencing your commitment to fitness. Not everyone enjoys hitting the gym for an intensive workout or taking a walk around the neighborhood for low-impact exercise. And yet, regular exercise improves not only your overall health and well-being but your spine’s health. […]

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Is Cracking Bad For Your Back?

Fact or Fiction Everyone has a guilty pleasure. For some people, it’s chocolate. For others, it’s bad rom-coms. And for others, it’s cracking. In fact, Time Magazine reported that “from fingers and toes to necks and knees, everyone knows a ‘cracker.’ Up to 45% of people do it.” But wait. Cracking your knuckles can lead […]

Swim Into Summer To Reduce Back Pain

Summer and Back Pain Unlike many health conditions, back pain does not require an underlying disease to produce symptoms. Too much or too little exercise, improper lifting techniques, prolonged sitting, standing, or lying down, uncomfortable sleeping positions, lugging around heavy bags, carrying babies and toddlers…all these things can contribute to pain in your arms, shoulders, […]

Eat Away the Pain

Some of the Best Foods to Aid in Back Pain Inflammation is one of the most prominent issues of back pain, causing joint stiffness, aches, and reduced mobility. So what can we do to help reduce this inflammation and alleviate these symptoms? Believe it or not, your diet can have a major impact on reducing […]