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Lumbar Epidural Injection

What is Lumbar Epidural Injection and Can it Help My Back Pain? In the United States nearly 800,000 epidural injections are performed each year for back and neck pain, with more than 80% of them performed on patients between 20-64 years old. The most common reason why people get a lumbar epidural injection is for the treatment of lower back pain and sciatica relief. How Do Lumbar Epidural Injections Work? Lumbar epidural injections are a common non-surgical procedure for back pain and sciatica relief. Epidural injections can be used to help relieve someone's pain by alleviating the pressure that is ...
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Non Surgical Treatments: Sacroiliac Joint Injections

What is The Sacroiliac Joint? The sacroiliac joint, also called the SI joint, is located between the sacrum and the ilium bones of the pelvis. The main function of the sacroiliac joints is to absorb shock between the upper body and the pelvis and legs. Connected by strong ligaments that support the spine, the sacroiliac joint also helps carry the entire weight of the upper body. While the sacroiliac joint typically has little motion it is estimated that the sacroiliac joint is responsible for 15% to 30% of lower back pain cases. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Aggravation and inflammation of the ...
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Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Back and neck pain can be down right debilitating. The pain and discomfort from these issues and injuries can cause limited mobility and lead to chronic pain if left untreated. For many chronic spinal pain patients there is good news: surgery may not be their only option. In fact, many back and neck pain patients can improve their lives through a combination of non-surgical procedures and physical therapy. When a patient's pain can be traced to a specific area, like the facet joints for example, many doctors may recommend a conservative approach at first to try and fix the underlying ...
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Back Injuries & Pain: When To Be Concerned

Any back injury or pain we experience can be a scary situation. Oftentimes we try to tell ourselves that our back pain will “just go away.” But when is someone's back pain a cause for concern? There are several factors and warning signs you should look out for to determine what you should do and how to treat sudden issues. Just remember, if you are experiencing high levels of pain or discomfort, especially as it relates to a sudden injury such as a slip and fall or auto accident, please contact your doctor or go to the emergency room. Your ...
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Sitting and Back Pain: Impact of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting For Extended Periods Of Time Can Be Unhealthy As far as unhealthy lifestyles are concerned, sitting around too much everyday is being cautioned as equally unhealthy as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Unfortunately for more and more people, sitting around propped up in front of a computer screen, tv or phone for hours on end has become all too commonplace in our society, and many individuals are starting to develop increasingly worse issues as a result. Statistically, as many as 70% of people spend 6 or more hours every day sitting down. This state of sitting around ...
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MRIs vs X-Rays vs CT Scans

Medical Imaging Technology When it comes to diagnosing and treating spine related issues, being able to see beyond the scope of the naked eye is absolutely imperative. Luckily, as medical technology have advanced, doctors have several options available to help see what's going on inside your body. Between X-rays, CT scans and MRIs, doctors and surgeons can create detailed images of the inner workings of your body that can be used to diagnose illnesses and abnormalities, recommend treatments, and even plan complex surgical procedures. X-Rays First discovered in 1895, the utilization of x-ray technology has certainly evolved over time. X-rays ...
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Computer Navigated Surgery

Computer navigated spinal surgery is a fascinating marriage between man and machine that provides patients with a more accurate and effective surgical procedure. Using the latest in three-dimensional imaging technology, computer navigated spine surgery allows your surgeon to view and manipulate the position of specialized instruments to perform procedures that were never possible using just the naked eye. The results of this advancement in technology can be measured with improved safety and efficiency as well as shorter surgical procedure times. What is Computer Navigated Surgery? Computer navigated surgery requires several systems working in sync to accomplish a successful surgical procedure ...
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How to Stay Active in Winter During Covid

As winter has started to set in, a lot of Western New Yorkers are preparing to spend the colder months indoors. While cozying up on the couch may seem like a well-deserved reward after the 2020 year has passed, sitting around letting your joints and muscles get stiff can make your body more susceptible to injury. Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean there are not plenty of at home workout alternatives that you can take advantage of to start 2021 off better. Here are just a few ways to stay active in winter: Staying Local See if your old ...
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What is Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy?

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Therapy A spinal cord stimulator is a surgical procedure that involves implanting a device to reduce the body's perception of pain and discomfort by sending low levels of electricity directly into the spinal column to relieve pain. Spinal cord stimulation implanted devices are typically used to treat chronic pain derived from spinal cord injuries and deterioration. A spinal cord stimulator implant typically involves 2 separate minimally invasive surgeries. The first surgery is a temporary trial period to ensure that an implant delivers the desired results while the second surgery installs your permanent device. The Trial Period ...
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What is a Discectomy?

Discectomy & A Herniated Disc Surgical Procedures in Buffalo, NY To Correct A Herniated Disc The human spinal column or backbone, consists of a group of bones, called vertebrates that protect the spinal cord. In between a person's vertebrae are gelatinous intervertebral discs that help cushion the spine and act as shock absorbers to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against one another.  A herniated disc occurs when the gel-like center (nucleus) of an intervertebral disc pushes through the tougher outer layer (annulus). Occasionally a herniated disc will put pressure on a nerve in the spinal column causing pain or discomfort ...
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