Taking Care Of Your Back During The Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, it is time to prep for family gatherings, travel, and gift giving. All this excitement and preparation can cause a fair bit of stress for some people. When we are under stress our muscles tense, which can cause problems for people with back or neck pain. This can make […]

Exercising Through The Pain

For those who suffer from a lower back condition, your doctor may recommend exercise as part of your treatment. The goal of back strengthening exercises is to condition the muscles to better support the spine and withstand stress, leading to pain relief. However, what if exercise exacerbates your lower back pain. With conditions like a lumbar herniated disc […]

Sleeping With Back Pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? You’re not alone. Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability across the world. One aspect of taking care of your spine is learning how to sleep properly. However, sleeping can be hard when your back aches. Tossing and turning with a hurt back doesn’t make for […]

Myths about Backpacks and Kids

Kids have a lot to deal with at school. Between homework, quizzes, and traversing through their physical and emotional development, back pain should never be a concern for them. As parents, our job is to help our kids wear their backpacks safely by making some easy adjustments and tweaks. However, there is a lot of […]

Flying with Back Pain

Traveling by airplane is often not the most fun or easy way to travel, but flying with back pain can cause added stress.  The seats in airplanes are not always the most comfortable or supportive. Unless you are in first class, most likely you will find the seats smaller and uncomfortable with minimal leg or […]

Small Changes For Sciatica Relief

Sciatica is one of the most common forms of back and leg pain. The term “sciatica” describes the symptoms of leg pain originating in the lower back and spreading to the leg, calf, or toe. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and is made of individual nerve roots that branch out […]

Scoliosis Facts

Scoliosis Facts Scoliosis is when the spine becomes abnormally rotated and curved sideways. A healthy spine, when viewed from the back, should look like a straight line. A spine with this condition has a lateral curve when viewed from the back. Many people think scoliosis can be caused by carrying heavy book bags or sleeping on […]

Signs of a Lumbar Herniated Disc

There are a variety of symptoms for a herniated disc. However, these symptoms can vary depending on where the disc herniation occurs in the spine. The spine can be broken down into three segments: the cervical, thoracic and lumbar. The most common type of herniated disc is one in the lumbar spine and will affect the […]

Myths about Back and Neck Pain

Experiences with back pain can be very complicated. They are often difficult to diagnose and involve a variety of treatment options. There are also a lot of myths about back pain out there. Don’t believe everything you hear. Knowing the facts about back pain and back issues can be an effective part of any proper treatment. […]

Basic Spinal Anatomy

Your spine is made of 33 bones stacked on top of each other. The spinal column provides the main support for your body. The spinal column also protects the spinal cord from injury. An adult spine has a natural S-shaped curve when viewed from the side. These curves work to absorb shock, maintain balance and […]