Be careful when trying a new winter activity

Winter comes with a lot of fun activities, but is the season that is most common for back injuries. If you’re going to try ice skating, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, etc. make sure you’re wearing warm and protective clothing. If you slip and fall, you need to be wearing the right clothing to protect your back. […]

Maintain a healthy diet over the winter

Winter makes it easy to cave into those sugary snacks, but you need to keep a healthy diet. Your back may be in pain already because when it gets cold, your muscles tense up and cause pain. Not having a healthy diet will enhance the pain. Eating sugary and fatty foods causes inflammation and pain. […]

Tight hamstrings

A contributor to back pain that isn’t commonly thought of is tight hamstrings. When your hamstring muscles are tight, your back muscles and joints become stressed and cause pain. It’s good to stretch your hamstrings twice a day for 15-30 minutes. Here are some hamstring exercises you can try:

Preventing back pain when ice skating

The Ice at Canalside will open next week on November 25th which means it’s ice skating season! From beginner to advanced, all ice skaters are prone to back pain/injuries. Here are some tips to prevent back pain and injuries:

Slipping on ice

It’s coming close to the time of year when ice forms. Slipping on ice can cause a herniated disc and/or a sprain/strain. Before walking on your driveway, look carefully for ice, especially for black ice. Here are some things to do to reduce your risk of slipping: Wear sturdy boots Use de-icing products Take slow […]

Lumbar Fusion: Everything You Need to Know

We offer many different surgical services at William Capicotto MD. Lumbar fusion is one of them. Lumbar fusion is a surgical procedure that is used to treat chronic back pain. This type of surgery is also referred to as lumbar spinal fusion. A lumbar fusion is performed when there is damage to the discs between […]

Shoveling snow and back pain

Shoveling snow can cause back pain due to the weight of the snow. You’re bending over to shovel the snow and then throwing the snow which causes back pain. Here are some things you can do to relieve the pain: Stretch: Stretching will help to relieve the tension in your muscles and joints which will […]

Physical therapy for back pain

If you’ve been experiencing back pain for a while, you should try physical therapy. Physical therapy helps to stretch out and relax your joints and muscles in your back. Aerobic exercises are usually a part of the back pain physical therapy process such as swimming. When you swim, the weight and pressure on your back […]

Preventing back pain at the movies

Going to the movies is a popular activity especially during fall and winter. Looking up at the movie screen or sitting in the wrong position can cause back and neck pain. Here are some tips to prevent back pain from occurring: Choose the right seat: You want to choose a seat that is relatively in […]

How sleeping affects your spine

Sleeping is important for your health overall, but affects your spine a lot. Studies have shown that insufficient sleep can lead to an increase in back and/or neck pain. You should be getting 6-8 hours each night to maintain a healthy spine. It’s also important to sleep on a mattress that supports your back and […]