Is Holiday Travel a Pain in Your Neck?

The Holiday season is fast approaching, which means that many of us will be traveling long distances in order to spend time with family and friends. Travel can be very stressful on your body, especially if you already have existing back and neck problems. The following are some tips for healthy and safe Holiday travel: Whether you are driving or flying, make sure that you bring something to provide support for your back. For lower back pain, the small pillows provided by your airline should be enough to help prevent slouching and the resulting pain. Neck pillows are an easy ...
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Low-Impact Exercise

Not all workouts are created equal. It's important that we give our bodies a break from excessive pounding by performing low-impact exercises, especially after an injury or while recovering from a surgical procedure. If you've been cleared by your doctor to perform low-impact exercise, consider incorporating the following workouts into your routine: 1. Swimming Swimming is one of the lowest-impact exercises around, and it comes with a tremendous amount of benefits from strengthening the upper body and back to improving lung function. 2. Elliptical When it comes to reducing stress on the legs but still getting in a cardio workout, ...
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Degenerative Disc Pain: What are My Options?

By age 40, it is completely normal to have some level of disc degeneration. In some cases, this process develops into degenerative disc disease which can result in varying levels of pain or discomfort. Are you unsure if degenerative disc disease is the source of your pain? The following are some of the related symptoms: Pain flares up after physical activity and then returns to a low level of discomfort or fades away completely You are experiencing a constant baseline level of discomfort or pain Activities that require bending, lifting and twisting worsen pain Walking, running and frequently changing positions ...
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Sports Related Injury Prevention

It's already September. Our children are going to be heading back to school after a relaxing summer vacation. Not only are classes back in session, but fall sports games are right around the corner, too. We're urging players and parents to learn about sports injury prevention so that we all can enjoy a safe and healthy school year. Stick to these guidelines to avoid sustaining devastating injuries and exacerbating pre-existing conditions: Avoid contact with the head and neck area whenever possible. For athletes that participate in football, ice hockey, lacrosse, and any other high-impact sport, this tip is especially important ...
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safely lifting

Lifting Safely to Save Your Spine

In 2001, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that over 36 percent of injuries involving missed workdays were the result of shoulder and back injuries. The most prominent factors in these injuries were overexertion and cumulative trauma. To avoid compressing your spinal discs and straining your lower back while lifting heavy objects, follow these suggestions: Don't overdo it. Warm up by stretching your legs and back before lifting anything. Pace yourself by taking many small breaks in between lifts. Don't lift anything that is too heavy. If you have to strain to carry a load, it is too heavy. Test ...
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Gardening tips from the offices of Dr. William Capicotto

We're finally hitting that 80 degree weather, which means it's time to do a little yard work. However, weeding and gardening can put unnecessary stain and pressure on your neck and back. To avoid back pain, we've put together some gardening tips: When weeding, sit or stand so that you avoid putting pressure your back. Sitting on a bucket while you're working can relieve some of that pressure on your back. Keeping your spine long as you're working on your hands and knees will also help minimize back strain. One way to eliminate back strain from weeding is to eliminate the ...
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Paying for Spinal Surgery

Surgery can be expensive. But spinal surgery doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, William Capicotto M.D. now accepts payment from major health insurance companies including, BlueCross BlueShield, Independent Health and now, Univera. Make William Capicotto MD your first choice for surgery ...
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Spring into Sports

Have you've had enough of shoveling this winter? Fear not, spring is almost here! That means spring sports! But before you start jogging, running, pitching, volleying, golfing or returning to your active outdoor lifestyles, remember that it's always important to stretch and warm up. This will help prevent possible neck, spine or back injuries, which can prematurely end your sports seasons or careers. To prevent further neck, spine or back injuries, try: Cardio & Stretching: You know what they say. Defense is the best offense and the first line of defense to back or spine injury is some cardio and ...
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Shoveling Tips from the Offices of William Capicotto

Thanks to our friendly neighborhood groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, we have six more weeks of winter. Which means, as we resilient Western New Yorkers all know, more snow. Shoveling the wrong way can put some strain on your back, leading to a neck or back injury. The spinal team in offices of William Capicotto, M.D., in Buffalo and Snyder, N.Y., have accumulated a couple tips to help you shovel safer. Push. Don’t lift. You don't need to show off how macho you are. Lifting unnecessary weight is one of the easiest ways to strain your back. Push the snow when you ...
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