Recent statistics estimate that only one-third (32%) of adults in the US receive enough calcium in their diets. Calcium is a mineral used for storing energy and maintaining bones, teeth, muscles etc., it’s also essential to heart function as well! If someone doesn’t get enough food sources with this crucial element their body will start […]

Staying Hydrated

If you’ve made the new years resolution to get healthier try something simple to start. Drinking water and staying hydrated can have many positive health benefits. Your body needs a MINIMUM of 2 liters of water every single day, sometimes even more, if you maintain an active lifestyle. Improper hydration can increase the likelihood of […]


You can renew your commitment to good health by making a resolution this year to adopt healthier habits. A better lifestyle starts with simple changes such as drinking milk or eating foods that contain calcium. Calcium keeps bone density high, aids in the maintenance of your heart rate, and is utilized in muscular and nervous […]

Stay Hydrated

How to Prevent Autumn Back Pain: Stay Hydrated Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you can’t become dehydrated. Water is essential to your health. It helps regulate body temperature, aids in digestion and transports nutrients to your cells. And it can also help prevent back pain! To avoid back pain as a result […]

5 Common Foods that can Increase Inflammation Levels: Chocolate

Chocolate may not be as inflammatory as other foods on this list but research has shown that consuming more than one serving of dark chocolate daily can lead to an inflammatory response throughout the body. Inflammation. Like with most things, moderation is the key, consuming too much chocolate could be bad for your back.

5 Common Foods that can Increase Inflammation Levels: Salt

Salt causes inflammation because it pulls water out of the cells in your body, which mimics inflammation caused by injury. This can lead to increased inflammation and dehydration if you consume too much. Try swapping those fries for some apple slices and watch your sodium intake so that you can avoid increased levels of inflammation.

5 Common Foods that can Increase Inflammation Levels: Alcohol

Alcohol can dehydrate your body triggering an inflammatory response from your body. Alcohol can also affect your digestive system, so that you can’t absorb nutrients from food as well. To avoid these problems, you should only drink two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.

5 Common Foods that can Increase Inflammation Levels: Processed Meat

Inflammation causing chemicals are created during the processing of meat, which is why processed meats have been shown to increase inflammation levels. Processed meat, including sausages, bacon, ham, and beef jerky can cause inflammation. Limit the amount you eat and your body will thank you.When your back hurts, it’s often a sign of inflammation. William […]

5 Common Foods that can Increase Inflammation Levels: Hot Peppers

Do you suffer from inflammation? Did you know that certain foods can be the culprit? These 5 common foods have been shown to increase inflammation levels and make your back and neck pain worse.Hot peppers: capsaicin is the inflammation causing ingredient in hot peppers. It can increase inflammation and make back pain worse if consumed […]