Sitting too much

Sitting for lengthy periods of time is really harmful to your health. Sedentary behavior has been shown in recent research to be comparable to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. Our bodies were designed to move about; therefore, remaining still for extended periods of time might result in a variety of health problems. If […]

Stress and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain and stress are two distinct problems that frequently overlap. For some people, chronic pain may be a source of significant stress, while for others, higher levels of stress can actually exacerbate their chronic pain. Stress has been shown to lower our bodies’ tolerance for discomfort, making us more susceptible to experiencing increased levels […]

The winter months are…

The winter months are the most difficult time for back and neck pain patients due to the condition of sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and other surfaces. The wrong shoes can lead to slips and falls that could result in serious injury. Choose shoes that are slip-resistant (i.e., rubber soles) and provide proper cushioning if your […]


Stress can manifest in a variety of ways. Sometimes it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and other times it’s more subtle, such as feeling chronically tired or anxious. It may be hard to believe that stress could have an impact on your back and neck pain but research […]