Water is important for our spines

This 4th of July weekend make sure you are beating the heat by staying hydrated! Our bodies and more specifically our spines require regular intake of H20 to help maintain motion and flexibility. As our bodies dehydrate the intervertebral discs that separate our vertebrates can start to shrink causing pain and discomfort. So if you’re […]

Is your sleeping position causing your back pain?

Is your sleeping position secretly causing your back pain? The amount of sleep and the position that you lay in can have a direct effect on your spinal pain. For those suffering from chronic back or neck pain this means that those 8 hours of rest you are supposed to be getting could end up […]

Is your footwear to blame for your back pain?

Is your footwear to blame for your back pain? High heels are a common fashionable foot accessory, but they can actually contribute to lower back pain. Wearing heels actually shifts your weight forward, causing a disruption in the natural curvature of your spine. This causes increased stress on your lower back, which can provoke sciatica […]

Doctor showing a herniated disc.

All About Herniated Discs

Everything You Need to Know About Herniated Discs:Treatment Options, Activities to Avoid, and More When you experience back or neck pain and the pain is mild, it’s easy to put off seeing a doctor in hopes the pain goes away. When the pain becomes chronic, worsening, or debilitating, or it begins to negatively impact day-to-day […]

Heat and Humidity

The heat and humidity can be a real problem especially for those suffering back or neck pain. Changes in barometric pressure can actually cause our joints to stiffen or loosen depending on the weather outside. When it’s hot out the shift in air pressure can be enough to dilate the blood vessels in the body, […]

Stretching helps to prevent back and neck pain

Stretching is one of the most important activities you can do to prevent back and neck pain. Nearly 50% of the population at some point will face a back injury at some point, implementing a stretching routine for even 20 minutes a day can help reduce the risks of developing back or neck issues. Not […]

Back and neck pain is common in adult’s lives

Back and neck pain is a common occurrence in adult life. In fact, more than 90% of the population will experience some form of back or neck pain in their lifetime. If you currently suffer from a debilitating or chronic back or neck pain that affects your daily life, it’s time to contact the office […]

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery uses cutting-edge technology to make incisions into the patient’s body as small as possible. This means less pain for the person and a shortened recovery time because of smaller tissue damage. One of the many benefits of a minimally invasive surgery is lower rates of complications in patients during and after the […]

Smoking is linked to chronic pain

Smoking slows the body’s natural healing process and increases the risk of infection but did you know that smoking is also linked to chronic pain? Research has found that lighting up leads to higher rates of osteoporosis, lumbar disc disease and decreases the ability to repair damaged bones and cartilage, especially after surgery. If you […]

What is Sciatica?

What is Sciatica? The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back, through your hips, all the way down each leg, it is the longest nerve in our bodies. When a person experiences pain or discomfort from the sciatic nerve it is referred to as sciatica. Sciatica is caused when there is compression on the nerve, […]